A few years ago I had some friends visit from Missouri. I wanted to give them a real southern treat so I made one of my family’s favorite dishes=Crawfish Etouffee. Since there were 8 of us I made a double batch. Now, you have to understand I am a little biased about the food of my southern heritage. Since I love it I assume everybody will. That was my first mistake. Making a BIG batch was my second mistake. Their daughter looked at her plate, looked at her mom, looked at me and asked what it was. I replied, cheerfully, “Crawfish!crawfishYou eat these????,” she said. “We use them for bait.” My friend did make an effort to ‘enjoy’ the meal, her husband just ate rice and the two kids pushed it around their plate and waited for dessert. My family ate etouffee for a few days and weeks later from the amount I had frozen. Lesson Learned – stick to the basics when out of town friends come to visit – roast, chops, chicken!!!!!

For those of you from the south and those of you who are adventurous – here is the recipe.

Crawfish Etouffeeetouffe

    1 lb fresh crawfish tails, peeled
    1 stick butter
    2 medium onions, chopped fine
    1 bell pepper, chopped fine
    1 small pod garlic, chopped fine
    salt, cayenne to taste

Melt butter in the saucepan (cast iron skillet is the best), add onions, bell pepper, and garlic. Saute until tender. Add crawfish tails. Cook 15 minutes. Season with salt and cayenne to taste. Serve with rice.

That is the recipe as listed in that cookbook I mentioned earlier. (Recipe thanks to George Gauthier)

Now, we are not fond of bell pepper, so I leave it out. I never seem to get enough liquid in this recipe, so I add a little water as I go and thicken with a mix of flour and water. To be able to do this you have to have crawfish with some fat (where some of the flavor is) in the package. If you can only get the crawfish from China, it won’t be as good. Those ARE good for bait.

You can also use shrimp.

With a green salad, or now that Tomato season is here, a plate of fresh ‘maters with salt and pepper, it is a great meal. Y’all come back now!!!