I was surfing the food blogs a few days ago and found something fun. Then when I looked for the ‘recipe’ for this fun thing I couldn’t find the page again. Going on the memory of how it looked I just played it by ear. We enjoy fried cheese, but don’t really like them with batter. Too much. So when I saw these Wonton Wrapped Fried Cheese Sticks…..
I gathered my ingredients. Boy that was hard!

I had tossed a couple of string cheese sticks into the freezer earlier.

Rescued them, wrapped them in a wonton.
Tossed them in the hot oil (I was already frying chicken) and fried them golden brown WhooHoo!!! that was good! They are really easy to make. Make sure you dampen the corner that wraps around the cheese stick and the other corner to make sure the ends stick together. I just dampened a finger and gently rubbed the corners where they make contact. I would make one change next time. They weren’t very ‘melty’. I think it was freezing them first. But I didn’t want the cheese to melt into the oil and make it all yucky. Maybe not freezing them will make them ‘melty’.

Wrapped in wontons, does that make them Asian?? Maybe sweet and sour sauce instead of marinara? Try them!