A cake, A cake! My kingdom for a cake. Yay, no more cookies. Now don’t get me wrong. Cookies are great. They go together quickly. You can make them with almost anything. You can pick them up with your fingers and people won’t look at you funny eating them with your hands. In the last few weeks we have made
Granola Grabbers, Chunky Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Chipsters, Malted Whopper Drops,
and Chocolate Chunkers. And each one better than the one before (especially those Chunkers!!!)

But like many of you I was ready for something different. (Now, watch when it comes time and it’s my turn to pick it will probably be the 4th batch of something in a row. I’m thinking Cheesecake.) I read through the recipe for Dorie’s Dimply Plum Cake. Let’s see, brown sugar, CARDAMOM (OH YEAH!!!), zest. Looks good so far. Plums! DUH!!! It is called Dimply PLUM cake. Well, fruit is good, but I am not a big plum person, (Although that is my body shape!)and the recipe called for 8 of them to boot. Well, I didn’t want to use plums, and I did have other fruit I had one pluot (almost a plum, but not quite), one nectarine, one plum, and some canned apricot halves That would have to do. I got all of the other ingredients together, started mixing the dry. Mixed the liquid. Added an egg – AND THE SHELL!!! That egg just jumped right out of my hand into the bowl of sugar and butter and before I could even reach for the switch, there was egg shell EVERYWHERE including the batterWell, now, this is interesting. Remove the bowl, remove the shells (it was my last bit of brown sugar) and hope for the best. The one time I don’t put the eggs in a separate bowl first and look what happens. Continue on. Evidently I retrieved all the pieces because no one has gotten one yet as the snacked down. (ah, well – SIGH)The second egg went in another bowl (not doing THAT again) and then in went the oil, well almost. It was just not my baking days. Reached for the oil, knocked against the cup, oil on the counter. OH, BOTHER!!! Easier to clean than the batter, but jeeeezzzzz. Murphy was in my kitchen. “Measure more. Move slowly. Must get oil to bowl!!! WHEW!! Got it!! All down hill from here. Fruit next. Dorie said she used 8 plums cut in half. Must have been awful small plums, ’cause I could only put in 9 pieces instead of 16. One thing, it wasn’t easy halving those plums and pluots. The seeds didn’t want to come out. Evidently they don’t make free-stone plums. Is there an easy way to do that? Into the oven – about 40 minutes – and done.

Dimpled Cake

Dimpled Cake

Okay. what about this cake. The hint of cardamom was just right (well, I think I would add a tad more next time) Maybe use Chai spice next time. Anyway. The cake was not real sweet. Another plus. But I just didn’t like the fruit in this one. But my friends liked it so maybe I will make it for them.

Thanks for this choice, Michelle. Visit her website – Bake-En for the recipe or get Dorie’s book Baking: From My Home to Yours.