Last week was hubby’s birthday and he wanted Carrot Cake. It was his birthday, so I willingly obliged. Now it is one week later and it is my son’s birthday. He is 18.

    WOW!!! HE’S 18!!!

Seems like only yesterday he was a 6 weeks premie. As you can see, he has well made up for it.

I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. I knew it would be either Crawfish Etouffe or Shrimp Creole. We are eating Shrimp Creole tonight. (He is soooo predictable!)

I was hoping he would choose something different for dessert. It was not to be. “Carrot Cake!” he said with a mischievous evil grin. Why do they always go for the jugular…… We had finally eaten that luscious 3 layer Carrot Cake from Emeril, but it was HIS BIRTHDAY. I gave in with a large SIGH!How about Carrot Cupcakes this time? That way,” says I with my fingers crossed behind my back, ” you can take them with you when you go to your sister’s house this weekend.Yeah! He caved. Men are so easy!!. I used the same recipe, baked them for 16 – 18 minutes and ended up with 30 cupcakes.

I had just received bought (with my own money) a mini-bundt cake pan and wanted to try that out too. It made some pretty little cakes

and I just topped them with some frosting