Quick! Close your eyes. Now picture a turban. No, not on Dorie’s head. With a cake in it. That is what the TWDers baked this week. Cake in a turban. Well, okay, maybe it is a bread in a turban. Or maybe it is a bread-cake in a turban. What ever you want to call it, call it GOOD! And thanks to Yolanda of The All-Purpose Girl for broadening our Horizons (and maybe our body mass with all these great weeks of baking!) So, what did she choose. Well, KUGELHOPF, of course. Now, before we get to the actual bread cake bread creak, a little history. “First, there is the matter of spelling, with the last syllable as ”hupf” or ”hopf,” preceded by ”kugel,” ”kougel,” ”gugel” or, in one edition of Larousse Gastronomique, ”sugl.” (New York Times quote) Seems there is not agreement on the spelling. Most of that comes however, from what country you are in. Austria, Germany, Alsace. Secondly, there is controversy as to where it originated. I did find an interesting article from The New York Times. Go take a look (NOT NOW!!!) and see what it says. Anyway. Enough of the history, on with the cake, eh, oh, never mind. On with the results!
I don’t happen to own a Kugelhopf pan, but I do have a pretty bundt pan. So that is what I used. It makes a pretty, eh, DESSERT. HAH!!! THERE!!!
When Dorie said it would look shaggy, I don’t think she meant this dry when she said it might have some dry ‘spots’. I was worried. But after adding the liquids – eggs, vanilla, butter, and sugar – it looked a whole lot better. Sticky, but better. And it did rise nicely. But still sticky. Rise, deflate, rise, deflate (it has to be bread….) Into the pan. Since I didn’t have the kugel pan I had to ‘break’ the dough into three pieces to put it in the bundt, but they came together to form a whole.

Bake and sprinkle and THIS is what you end up with.


So pretty. Texture was fantastic. And the cranberries (Yes, I do not like raisins) added just the right enough of sweet to a DESSERT that is not sweet. A little more sweet with the cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. Perfect with coffee or tea. Thanks Dorie and Yolanda. This one was a HIT!! (Gone now!)