First of all let me wish all my fellow U.S. bloggers and their patient families a very Happy Thanksgiving. And to all the others – Happy Fall, y’all.

Happy Happy Fall Fall

Happy Happy Fall Y'all

Vibi from La Casserole Carrée is our Thanksgiving Twofer Pie host this week. And it was a doozy!! Usually I make a Pumpkin Pie and an Pecan Pie. What a great deal to make a two in one. Now, I am not much of a ‘cruster’, but I made Dorie’s Good for Everything Crust. I have tried ‘pinching’ and ‘molding’ crusts before and they never come out very pretty. I decided to pull out my creative side and see what would happen.

Pump-can Pie

Pump-can Pie

It came out better than I expected. But the leaves in the middle of the pie didn’t seem to bake. I did have trouble with the shell shrinking from the edge of the pie plate. What causes that?

So, the family has come and gone. Another successful family holiday. Turkey, ham, dressing, sweet taters, beans, dressing and the list goes on. Who says gluttony ain’t good. Two days a year, I guess is okay.

Now, about that TwoFer. dsc03037 Really sweet pie. To me it seemed like a pumpkin pie with a pecan topping, which was pretty good, but….. I think I will stick to two separate pies.