Whew!!! The holidays are almost over. And as much as I love celebrating Christmas and Thanksgiving with my family, it is always a relief when it is over. Things get back to normal. The Baking slows down (now, that is really not a good thing….) and you can go back to a somewhat normal schedule. And so it is with TWD. What with family here, and shopping, and Christmas goodies, it was hard to fit Dorie in, too. I am almost ‘sweeted’ out and am looking forward to some savories (and I see they are coming), but I could not forgo the Cheesecake since it is my all time favoritest (I know, it’s not a word!) dessert – EVER!!!dsc03120

Following the lead of Caitlin of Engineer Baker (I like your new header, btw) I have started doing mini desserts. They are much easier on the thighs (KINDA) and they don’t last long with just the two of us (I don’t count the 18 year old Hunk living in my house, cause nothing lasts around him…. (even veggies)). From this recipe I got two 5″ minis, one 7″ almost mini and a ramekin of Cheesecake. dsc03117The second mini and ramekin are in the oven now because I only have one 5″ springform. While baking the cheese cakes rose beautifully and cracked, and while cooling they fell ‘perfectly’. As you can see…. I have never had a cheese cake fall so much. But looks don’t count — remember! REMEMBER!!! The texture of the cheese cake was just right, however. The only playing around I did was to add some eggnog to the mix. I used 1/3 cup Sour Cream, 1/3 Cup Heavy Cream (recipe calls for 1 1/3 cup of one, the other, or mix of both) and 1/3 cup Eggnog. Since I had eggnog in the mix, I added some fresh grated nutmeg to the crust. What is eggnog without nutmeg. Sheeesh! dsc03118 I wish I had used more eggnog flavor, it was barely discernible in the cake. I have some eggnog concentrate somewhere…… Next time I will add more. It was good tho’. Thanks Anne of Anne Strawberry for choosing the Dories’ Tall and Creamy Cheese Cake.


Update on the cheese cakes. dsc03122 I made the other 2 cakes. One in a small cup and that crack was like Grand Canyon. Especially after it cooled and lost 1/2 its height.But O.M.G. the flavor is OUTSTANDING. The other 5″ came out perfect – with NO CRACKS. I couldn’t believe it. dsc03121