I was excited about this weeks TWD. Not because it was a complicated challenge, which it wasn’t, but because it was a simple savory that would go with just about any meal with little or no time involved. Went back to school this week and it is late registration, so not much time when I get home. Rebecca of Ezra Pound Cake was our hostess this week. What did she pick for us?? Savory Corn and Pepper Muffins.


I have to tell you, they are as good as they look. The texture was crumbly, but that was alright. Probably something I did, but it did make them hard to butter. And even though I didn’t follow the recipe EXACTLY – DUH!! they were still spicy good. Bell pepper, whatever color, just isn’t popular with Hubby and The Hunk, so I had to leave them out. Ditto on the jalepenos. But that was okay. I increased the corn by about 2 tablespoons. Decreased the sugar to 2 tablespoons and I cut the chili powder to a scant teaspoon. Still good. I really did like the chopped fresh cilantro in the muffins. Added a little kick (and a veggie to the meal Hee Hee). I used stone ground corn meal we picked up in The Blue Ridge this summer and that added more texture.

I made Texas Muffins in my countertop Convection and they were done in 15 minutes – domed top and allIf you get chance to try these, do. They are really good. The Hunk gave them thumbs up, the Hubby – well, not so much.

(Oh, which is better – sweet or unsweetened cornbread??? SWEETENED says this Southern Belle)