Today is Tuesday. January 20, 2009. It is a milestone day for many reasons. A new President. My last ever January 20th to teach. And, let’s see, what else. Oh! Yeah! It is Cake Slice Bakers Day. I had a choice between doing Cake Slice or TWD and this time Cake Slice Won. Sorry, TWDers. Next Week. Anyway, the pick for this month was Banana Cake with Praline Filling and White Chocolate Ganache.dsc03180. The cake turned out to be quite nice. I am sure there was a great deal of imagination with this one as there was no pic in the book to compare to. Bananas, pecans, white chocolate, whipped cream, cinnamon. How can one possibly go wrong with those? Three layers of yum. dsc03185But, I have to tell you, I have never worked so hard or used so many pots and pans to make a frosting. (Not that it wasn’t worth every minute, but DANG!!) I liked the flavor. I loved the frosting.

I didn’t love the cleaning up afterwards. dsc03183All those pots/pans and those didn’t include what I used to make the cake. (Which I overbaked because I was multi-tasking –packing for a trip, baking, washing clothes for a trip….). Hubs liked it even tho’ it was dry. The Hunk thought it was okay, but by the time he got a piece, it was 5 days old. The only reason I wouldn’t rush to make this again is because of the frosting. Or maybe I would JUST make the frosting and eat it alone. **SIGH** I wonder how it would be with a little Creme de Banana Liqueur added…… Next Time.

BTW – if you want the recipe, go visit Moogie and Pap. Their cake is adorable.