Everyone needs a vacation. Everyone. Including Dorie. This year Dorie decided to visit the islands – well not the real islands, but the dessert islands. And we, the TWDers, all went with her. Actually, the idea to go to the islands was Shari’s idea and it was a good idea — for some. Shari is Shari of Whisk: A Food Blog. and the vacation is actually Dorie’s Floating Islands. Bet I had you going tho’???? Caitlin referred to them as Iles Flottante because, as she said, they sound so much prettier in French. You HAVE to read her blog. Peggy referred to hers as Sinking Ships, but only because she didn’t get to make them. I would like to change the name to Floating ICEBERGS. “Mise à flot des Icebergs de Glace” (Caitlin is right – it is prettier in French.) Why you ask??? After the meringue had formed (the fact that mine actually turned out is a miracle in itself….) we were instructed to poach ‘ovals’ of it in simmering milk. One minute on one side, one minute on the other side.dsc03230 Well, every time I went to turn one over, a piece came off – like pieces calving off an iceberg. So while I started with about 8 ‘islands’ I ended up with about 12 ‘icebergs’.

Now I do have one tip – don’t do THIS!!!! dsc03231Trying to ‘fancy’ them up I sprinkled some cocoa powder on a couple. MISTAKE!!!!! I think the powder acted like salt and melted part of my ice berg. Okay, one third of the recipe down, two more to go.

Although my first attempt ended up NOT looking like custarddsc03233 — like yours, Nancy — the second attempt worked out just right. Okay, it did take about 15 minutes. My legs were asleep, cobwebs were forming in the crooks of my arts, but finally it came together – suddenly really. I also used the milk from poaching the islands to make the creme anglais. I just could not toss out two cups of milk that easily, altho’ the dog probably would have enjoyed it. Two parts down.

I still have caramel left over from a previous TWD (don’t remember which one) so I just used it for the caramel. And three!

dsc03234 This is the MISTAKE. Floated and drizzled with ganache (always in the fridge). It was actually the best of the lot.

dsc03235 And this one followed Dorie’s. The caramel was too hard and tough and not good to eat. But it looked pretty.

And lastly THE VOLCANO A tall peak of tender cloud overflowing with caramel lava — imagine that on a menu.dsc032371
Sorry, Bakers. To me this one is not a keeper. Too much work. Too many dishes. Not enough pay-off. Was the custard supposed to become more pudding like???

Hubs – “There’s nothing here!”

The Hunk – gave it a 3/10

The Baker – mehh!!

And I think I know why French women stay so slender after eating all the sweets – it takes a lot of energy to whisk and stir and then do all the dishes (12 different items). Whew!!! What a job.

So much for this vacation in the islands – Sorry, Dorie.