All over the net I have been reading about this great book by Zoe Francois and Jeff Hertzberg – Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. I have to have this book said I. So I got it, read it, loved it. But for me the bread was just not working out. My first six, yes, I did say SIX, loaves did NOT TURN OUT – AT ALL!!!!dsc03435 YUCK!!!! They would not rise at the beginning. They would not bake on the inside. They would be little knobs of half baked dough. dsc03292 Oh, sure one or two would be nice and brown on the outside. But then you take a look from the side….dsc03291 This is NOT supposed to be flat bread. While everyone else in the bread/food blog world was getting these beautiful tall loaves, I was ending up with this. Where, oh where, was I going wrong. Was I doomed to be bread less for the rest of my life. Was I to be forced to **sigh** buy **shudder** bread. Oh, sure I could make bread from scratch if I wanted to spend the day and make it the old fashioned way, but I work. I have pets. I have Hubs and the Hunk.


But then I found salvation. Salvation in the form of Sandy of At the Baker’s Bench and her ‘treatise’ on ABin5. Her tips in addition to the ones in The Book were a tremendous help. My bread got better.


I started out small with a small cantaloupe sized ball. Let it rise for the requisite 40 minutes and popped it into the oven. AAARRRGGHHH!!!! It came out about the same size it went in. But the loaf was finally worth eating.dsc033031 All I had to do now was get a larger loaf.

Sunday Morning

    8:45 I need to put a loaf of bread in the oven.
    9:15 “Blanketed” ball is on the counter
    9:35 Oven on 450
    9:55 Time to….. 10:00 wait I only have 10 minutes before church. Ah, shoot.
    9:58 Oven turned off. Bread rising on counter. Well, we’ll just have to hope for the best
    11:39 Home from church. Oh, wow, look at how much that rose…..
    11:45 Oven on
    12:05 Bread in the oven (along with Hunk’s mini pizza)
    12:35 Bread out – temp taken. DONE!!! Hey, that’s not bad. dsc03432

    Hey!!! It’s baked all the way through…. Wow!! This really works!!!

    And the crumb…. Guess I’ll keep that book after all. Thanks Zoe and Jeff. And thanks Sandy.

    If you don’t have the book you can visit their website for some great ideas and recipes.