Last month the Daring Bakers/Kitchen challenged us to make home made pasta. And in doing so they created a monsters_inc_pic_02. Yes, I have decided NEVER to buy noodles again, or linquini, or lasagna (maybe elbow and speghetti cause I can’t seem to see myself making those). I wanted to try something new, so I bought (I’m sorry!!!) a package of Bob’s Red Mill Semolina Pasta Flour. Without reading the instructions…. after all I just made pasta…. i dumped the whole package onto the counter and added my eggs, oil, etc. YUCK!!! What a mess. Where did I go wrong. It is sooooooo dry. Read instructions. Shoulda done that sooner (slap head hard Agent Gibbs style). Added another round of eggs, oil, etc. and finally ended up with a good pasta mix. And Lots Of Pasta – 1/2 of which is now vacuumed packed in the freezer. It was hard to roll out, but I kneaded the exercise. I should have strong arms in another couple of sessions like that one. And cut. Badly!! Boiled and served. With a new chicken recipe – Balsamic Chicken (for want of a better name) based on a recipe of Emeril’s from his Planet Green program. dsc03459I knew the Fambly wouldn’t care for his recipe as is so I changed it – a lot!!

    I did marinate my chicken in Olive Oil and garlic, but switched out the soy sauce and apple cider vinegar for Balsamic Vinegar.
    Browned the chicken in the olive oil.
    Added the onions, bay leaf, and sauteed until lightly browned.
    Added in the reserved marinade, 3 cups of chicken stock and cooked until the chicken was tender.
    I don’t care for arrowroot starch so I went with a light roux instead. Came out just fine and Fambly really liked it. The noodles are a little thick, but I liked the texture and flavor. Still like the DB recipe better and will try yet another next week or so.

    Now, I had some of the ‘noodles’ left over, so for lunch today I am having them with some Basil Pesto and ABin5 toasted with a little garlic butter. dsc03465So much for Low Carb!! **sigh**

    Michael Chiarello has a Pappardelle recipe in the Feb/Mar edition of FoodTV Magazine. (Yes, it’s glitzy, but fun!!!)(and the recipe is online as well) Teanna of Spork or Foon made them and they look great with the Rabbit Ragu. May try that one next.

    Happy Pasta Days, Y’all…..

    Almost forgot, we had TWD Banana Cream Pie for Dessert. Just right!!!!=w