Ah, Dorie!! How do I love thee. Let me count the ways….

    1. Chocolate Chunk Cookies!!
    2. Mango Bread!!
    3. World Peach Cookies!!
    4. Black and White Banana Loaf

    and the newest addition : Tartest Lemon Tart.

Which I love “to the depth and breadth and height…” (my apologies to E.B.B.).

I didn’t get to make this last week – just too much going on. But I did yesterday and I am sure ’nuff glad I did. It. Is. Sooooo. Good!!!! Tart. Tart! TART!!!! Did I say it was Tart?? But deliciously so. So why did I decide to bake it? Three reasons:

    Nancy said it was so delicious. Thanks, Nancy!
    I love lemon.

    And, lastly, I finally got to use my new rectangular tart pan from W-S.

DSC03649I have to admit I think I baked it too long. It is a little burnt “darkish” (Great word, Babette)But the middle just did not seem to want to come together. But, didn’t hurt the flavor. Did I tell you it was TART??? This is probably the best lemon tart EVER!!!DSC03657With a touch of powdered sugar it was just perfect. And, fortunately, I still have some filling left so I can make another one – like today….

I have to tell you, I did cheat tweak the recipe just a little. Well, maybe tweak isn’t the right word. Remember when we made Dorie’s French Yogurt Cake? and I made the Lemon Marmalade.lemons I still had quite a bit left and I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I used it for the filling. The only difference between this and the lemon/sugar mixture was a little water. I added the rest of the ingredients to the one jar (equal to about 1/2 the mixture) and it worked out perfectly. Make this one, y’all. You will be glad you did.

Oh, and this was the pick for last week, May 12th, made by Babette of Babette Feasts. Great Pick. Thanks for NOT picking chocolate.