Switzerland is a beautiful mountainous country. Full of deep, green valleys, beautiful little villages, and famous resorts, it is bordered on the Northwest by France, on the Northeast by Germany and in the South by Italy. Lichtenstein and Austria border it on the East. switzerlandAll of these countries have influenced Switzerland with the people speaking the language of the country they are closest too. This means, there is a not a lot of indigenous Swiss food, although they are well known for the wonderful chocolates and their pastries.

After searching through several cookbooks I finally found a sweet treat that actually originated in Switzerland:

    Engadiner Nusstorte or Caramelized Walnut Pie from the Engadin

The Engadin or Engadine is a long alpine valley located in the canton of Graubünden in southeast Switzerland. It is located in the area that saw, in the 1900s an emergence of a generation of Pastry Cooks who immigrated to all parts of the world and opened Swiss Pastry shops. This pie was probably the invention of on of those great pastry making families or at least so said Nick Malgieri in A Baker’s Tour.

DSC03749Lucky for me, and you, the recipe is actually on Nick’s site – HERE!! How glad I was to find it ’cause it is a LONG recipe.

His, by the way, is beautiful in the book. Mine – not so much. BUT IT IS YUMMY!!!DSC03745But as I finish this post, I am also finishing the last piece – well, except for the quarter in the Freezer – but that is for another day!!!