Now, if that cliche doesn’t age me – nothing will!!! But Peachy Keen is what I would call this weeks TWD pick of Honey Peach Ice Cream by Tommi of Brown Interior. I do love ice cream. And there is nothing better than a round juicy peach where the sweet juice dribbles down your arm as you bite into its delicious sweetness on a hot July day. peach**SIGH** (For just that reason I wish it were late July) But it isn’t and there are


And I do not like frozen, so I used canned peaches!! I know – it is a tragedy to have to stoop to canned fruit!!! So I cut them up and soaked them in Peach Schnapps. That helped – a lot!!! (But it didn’t keep them from freezing hard!!!)

I only had 1 tsp of vanilla so I added a tsp of almond (and that was a little too much) and a touch of cinnamon. The almond was actually a little overpowering, so I should have just left it out. But the Schnapps added a little extra kick. DSC03773Sprinkled with a little brown sugar/almond/cinnamon crumble – perfect parfait.

Thanks Tommi!

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