Ethnic cuisine is so much more available in the US today. And much of it has become an integral part of American Cusine – which is made up of food from everywhere anyway. Every city practically has Chinese Restaurants, Mexican Restaurants, Greek, Lebanese, Caribbean, etc. etc. etc. And even tho many of them are not what you might call authentic, they do at least give us an introduction to new tastes. One of my favorites is Indian food. Not American Indian, East Indian. Unfortunately, there is not an Indian restaurant for 150 miles. So I have to make my own and obtaining a new recipe is always a good thing. That is why I was excited about this months Daring Cooks Challenge – Dosas.

    This month’s Daring Cook hostess – Debyi of The Healthy Vegan Kitchen. Debyi decided on Indian Dosas from the cookbook “Refresh” by Ruth Tal. You can find the recipe on her site.


Dosas are the Indian answer to French Crepes and Mexican Tortillas and just as versatile. They can literally be filled with anything. The suggested filling was a Curried Garbanzo Filling, but since I am not a big fan of Garbanzo I used a Curried Potato and Pea filling instead.


To make the Curried Potato/Pea filling simply crumble cooked potato (boiled or baked) with diced onions and curry seasoning (to taste) in a skillet and saute in a little oil until the potatoes are light brown. Add in the peas and cook until cooked but not soft.

And since we could choose another sauce, I served it with a

    Cold Cucumber Raita

    2 slicing cucumbers, peeled, seeded, and grated or chopped
    1 cup plain nonfat yogurt
    1 teaspoon choipped fresh mint leaves
    1/4 teaspoon ground cumin

Press the cucumbers through a strainer to remove some of the water.
Combine with other ingredients

I really liked these. There is an art to getting the Dosas just right, but eventually I think I got them thin enough. I have only had Dosas one time out and they were good. Now I can serve them with my Curry for a little extra punch.

Thanks, Debyi, for this challenge. Please visit the other Daring Cooks for their take on this recipe.