Well, not personally, but that is what the TWD Bakers made for this week’s ‘assignment’. Turnovers. I love making turnovers. Hand Pies. And they are so versatile. You can fill them with anything from fruits to nuts to veggies to meat. And it’s all good. This week we made Apple Turnovers. A lot of bakers used other fruits as well, from mixed berries to peaches. I ended up using Pears since we have lots on the trees right now.


The pastry on this one is one that ones I had not done before, it used Sour Cream in the dough. Only served to make these extra delicious. And the dough was really easy to work with. I ramped up the cinnamon in the filling and added a little cinnamon to the pastry (I really like cinnamon!) DSC04157

After I put them in the oven I saw the butter bits sitting on the counter, which meant they were not in the turnovers where they were supposed to be. Must have been okay, though, ’cause they are ALL GONE now.

I did cheat a little, I used my processor to mix the dough and I got to use my little turnover cutters that I bought years ago. DSC04167 They make a really nice pie. And now I am on a Hand Pie Binge. Meat Pies. Curry Pies. Chicken Pot Hand Pies. But those are for other posts.

Meanwhile, go over and visit the other bakers and see how they fared. And thanks to Julie of SomeOnes in the Kitchen for this weeks pick. Great Pick, Julie.