This post will be short and sweet. It is late. This week’s TWD choice was Garrett’s of Flavor of Vanilla who picked Split Level Pudding. I like pudding. I have never made it from scratch. And after this week I may never try again. What I have is a nice soft chocolate ganache overlain by a nice liquid vanilla milkshake. Tastes good, for a milkshake.DSC04313

This is after 2 days in the fridge and following the recipe TO THE T.

But …..
I made one plain vanilla and added Chai spices to the other. (1/2 recipe gave me pudding for two ramekins and a tad left over.) Both had the chocolate ganache on the bottom.

DSC04312 Okay. That’s it. Now I have two TWD fails – the other was the rice pudding. At least the pudding was edible.

Please go visit the other TWD members. I am sure they had better luck than I did. (Altho a couple of little (tweeter) birds told me otherwise….)