This is what I am eating right now. It is Pho, Chicken Pho to be exact and it is FANTASTIC!!!

Before I go any further let me say one thing – “THANK YOU, JADEN!!” Oh, and one more thing:

    The October 2009 Daring Cooks’ challenge was brought to us by Jaden of the blog Steamy Kitchen. The recipes are from her new cookbook, The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook.

I am slowly adding the flavors and foods of Asia to my mental cook book. A few challenges ago I added dumplings or pot stickers. I’ve made egg drop soup (but not posted yet) I’ve learned to make some American Asian dishes like General Tso’s Chicken (yes, I know NOT Asian, but still good.)But this is the Vietnamese dish. Oh, the flavors – star anise, coriander, cloves, fish sauce. The flavors mixed together created the most wonderful aroma. And the taste – the best I have ever had in any type of soup.

Admittedly I did not have any whole coriander, but I did have ground and I did not have the star anise (but I tweeted {new verb} Jaden and she said I could leave it out) but the flavor was still amazing – especially the second day. The broth is supposed to be clear but no matter how much I strained it it was still a little milky. I think it was because I used the ground coriander rather than the whole. Still good.

I did have the rice noodles (sometimes my brain does remember to buy ahead) and they added a different texture than the noodles I am used to.

All in all, this is definitely a keeper. Even if I am the only one who eats it, it is on my repeat list. Thanks again, Jaden. Loved it.

P.S. I didn’t get to the dessert wontons yet, but planning to. Just did not have the time.

Please go visit the other members of The Daring Kitchen and look at their lovely variations. And the recipe is available on Jaden’s site – Steamy Kitchen.