Well. I baked. I cooled. I buttered. I photographed. Then the camera decided it didn’t want me to have the pictures. I had only baked four. We ate them after pictures. So had to bake more and rephotgraph. So here is the second batch. (Actually, I made a full batch and just froze the ones I didn’t bake.)

Now, I am a Southern Girl. A good Southern Girl has two things in her kitchen. One is a good biscuit recipe and the ability to actually MAKE a good biscuit. The second thing is at least one good, well-seasoned cast iron skillet. I am a good Southern Girl. And I can make a GOOD biscuit. It’s in our vows – “Love, Honor, Cherish, and Make a good Biscuit!!” But this biscuit just didn’t happen for me.

The texture was right, but it just would not rise much. I ended up with 2 inch discs of Sweet Potato. And a lot of the flavor has to do with the Sweet Potatoes you use. Don’t buy them and use them immediately. They are harvested green and they need to sit about amonth to build the sweetness. Well, mine haven’t sat long enough yet, because they were basically tasteless.

If/When I make them again, and you know I will have to, I will saute or fry/smother the Sweet Potatoes with a little brown sugar to enhance the sweetness.

Thanks, Erin aka Prudence Pennywise, for choosing this recipe. I just didn’t have my biscuit mojo working on this one.

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