Yes!! I joined ANOTHER on-line baking/cooking group. As if I didn’t already have five to keep me busy. Between TWD, Cup Cake Hero, MSC, Slow and Steady BBA, and Daring Kitchen most of my blog entries are kept busy.

Three of the groups are once a month so it’s not like I have to blog 7/7 (altho it seems two and sometimes 3 can fall on the same day) and I do have the TIME, so I am NOT complaining. And I do love to be in the kitchen now that I actually do have the time.So what is ONE MORE dish to bake/cook, etc.


So welcome to my very first Craving Ellie in My Belly post – YAY!!!

This week’s recipe is hosted by The Not So Skinny Kitchen

    Peach French Toast Bake

Lucky for me I had just made French Bagettes the day before so I had my bread. All the other ingredients are in the usual kitchen pantry (except the frozen peaches) so it was not a difficult dish to put togther. If I had had to buy fancy ingredients I would have been frustrated because this dish was not dressed to impress.

I bake with peaches a lot in summer but have never used frozen so using frozen had me a little leary. Not to worry – when they bake they do just fine.

Unfortunately I found the recipe to be a little tasteless. Doesn’t mean I won’t try it again, but with more spices, more custard and smaller slices of the bread. CEiMB hosts – Nick & Sara of imafoodblog suggested putting spices in the custard mix and more of them. That would probably work and what I will try next time. DH suggested Ice cream – and if using for dessert – that would work.

I only made 1/4 recipe which gave me two small servings.

If you want the recipe vist the Host’s blog or find the recipe here ->Ellie on Food TV.
Or even better – get a copy of Ellie’s book.

Oh!! And please visit the other members to see how their’s turned out.