Warning!! Warning!! Pumpkin Shortage!! Pumpkin Shortage!!

It actually made CNN . But it isn’t ALL bad. The shortage won’t really be a reality until AFTER Thanksgiving. So Stock up now, Bakers, or it will be a sad holiday season.

On that sorrowful note let me introduce you to my family’s new favorite desser – well, for now, anyway!!

Pumpkin Pie Cake

This recipe came from The Shreveport Times (Newspaper) a few years ago. I had forgotten all about it until Lori aka RecipeGirl started her recipe organizing which motivated me to organize all those clippings, pictures, pieces of napkin with recipes on them I have been collecting for years. YEARS!!!! It doesn’t make any sense to collect them if you don’t actually USE them so that is what I am trying to do – use them!!

Think of it as an upside down pumpkin pie with a crumble crust!!

And I want to warn you – it is REALLY sweet. Top it with whipped cream. Enjoy!!

The mix is really liquidy after mixing but comes together when it bakes. If you refridgerate it, the topping is quite hard, so bring it to room temp before serving. I tried making Texas sized cup cakes, but it is tooooo liquidy, unless you have some Texas sized silicone holders and then it may be difficult to remove from the holders unless very cold. Just thought I would let you know.