For many years I subscribed to Taste of Home, Cooking For Two, Simple and Delicious. I looked through them, but very rarely cooked/baked anything from them. Now that I have to time I am going back through them and am constantly surprised at how much I missed by NOT using the recipes from “1000” cooks across the country. SO!! I am starting early on one (maybe the only) New Year’s Resolution – to cook/bake more from all those mags that are gathering dust in the storeroom (Thanks, Recipe Girl!!)

I was looking for Christmas Cookies for Secret Baker and came across this:

      Cranberry Eggnog Braid

Sweet, with a hint of eggnog flavor, studded with dried cranberries, drizzled with an Eggnog glaze and sprinkled with fresh ground nutmeg.

I am surprised this bread came out at all. I put it to rise about 4:30, went to a Christmas Party, forgot about it until about 11:30 last night. Ran to the kitchen and threw it into the chill chest until this morning. Warmed it up and baked it. It should be taller – it was beautiful before I threw it in the fridge. But it was still GOOD!!!

Next time I think I will try some fresh cranberries, add some nutmeg to the dough and TRY. NOT. TO. FORGET,. ABOUT. IT!!!

From a 1990 Taste of Home Magazine.