Actually they are called Cafe Volcano Cookies . And they were the pick this week for TWD chosen by Macduff of Lonely Side Car. I was wondering if they were called volcano cookies because they would explode in my oven – which would NOT be a first in my Kolin Kitchen. Then I thought of the lava cakes that were THE THING a few years back. Would I have molton egg white streaming out of my oven?? But nothing as dramatic as either one of the those things happened.

Instead I came out with a crunchy, nutty, sweet little cookie that exploded with flavor and sizzled (well, maybe not sizzled, but…) in my mouth, “You’d think you were eating expresso Pop Rocks.” (Quote from Dorie.)

I was leary about making these cookies today. It is raining buckets and they had meringue in them. If I had bothered to read ALL of the recipe CAREFULLY I would have seen they just have egg white. Plain. Simple. Eggwhite. Whew!!! Maybe these wouldn’t fail after all!!!

I did make a couple of changes. I used up the last of my almonds in some toffee so I subbed pecans (like a good Southern Belle). And since I NEVER buy expresso I subbed in Cocoa (but the flavor was mild, so next time will add more).

Now, if you look closely at the ‘innards’ of that cookie, I think you can see why they might be called Volcano Cookies. Look at those lava tubes running through them.

Try these. Simple. Delicious.

And check out the other bakers at TWD and see how their’s came out.