One year ago we ended 2008 with the Tall and Creamy Cheesecake. And THIS year we are edning another year of TWD with cheesecake!! Coincidence…. I think not. (Well, maybe…) My absolute favorite dessert (after Galub Jamun) is CHEESECAKE. And this one did not disappoint. Good thing, too, since it was my turn to pick the LAST TWD recipe for 2009. Not as easy as you might think. (And everyone who has said that is absolutely right) I went through BFMH2Y several times. Picked out about 20 recipes and with the help of son and hubs finally settled on the LOW AND LUSH CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE (on page 243).

I made it this morning and we ate it for dessert tonight. It was WONDERFUL. Just the right amount of chocolate.

Of course, I couldn’t just ‘follow the recipe” I had to jazz it up a bit. I made Chocolate Wafers from an old Gourmet Magazine recipe and crushed them with small bits of caramel. I was going for a Heath bar affect. Worked!! It gave me a marvously crunchy crust. I did leave the filling alone, except to sub out 1/2 the sugar for Splenda. I used Ghirardelli 72% Intense Dark Chocolate (on sale at World Market — YES!!!

The filling was smooth and velvety and delicious.

This is NOT a one time cheesecake for me. I will make this often. I hope those of you who baked along enjoyed it as much as I did.<P

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