“Talk of joy: there may be things better than beef stew and baked potatoes and home-made bread – there may be.”

      ~David Grayson~

Is there any fragrance better than that of baking bread. Whether at home or driving past a bakery you cannot help but breathe deeply and long. It is comforting. It is inviting. It brings cherished memories. BREAD!!

I have been making quite a bit of bread lately. Some of ‘assigned’ for Slow and Steady BBA, some for fun, some for friends or family. But all of it good.

    ~Coors Beer Bread~

This is not a yeast bread but can be used as such. I found the recipe at Barbara’s Blog Vino Luci. It has a slight beer taste and is great with cheese . It is called Coors Beer bread, but all I had handy was Bud.

      ~Dutch Baby Bunny~

A few days after Christmas I was thumbing thru’ AB’s I’m Just Here for More Food – Baking and ran across this little ‘baby’ – a Dutch Baby to be exact. It is a cross between a popover and a pancake.
Alton’s recipe can be found on FoodTV. I just made 1/2 the recipe in a 6″ cast iron skillet and ate it with a little maple syrup. Great Breakfast.

      ~Flat Bread~

About 10 days ago Kayte and Tracey were talking about Flat Bread. I didn’t have time to bake with them that day, but I made the Flat Bread a couple of days later. Instead of Thyme I simply sprinkled the bread with Italian Seasoning and a little Kosher Salt. My, my, but that was tasty. It was a great bread to eat with the Ellie’s Nutty Sweet Potato Soup for CEinMB.

I hope you try some of these. Add them to your bread list. Good eating.