Little girls in Green (or Brown) sitting around the campfire….

      Telling ghost stories….

        Licking chocolate off their fingers….

          Sticky marshmallow everywhere….

Means only one thing….


Martha’s S’mores cup cake was an attempt to bring that sticky, gooey, wonderful, campfire goody to the everyday kitchen.

Made with graham flour and topped with chocolate ganache and a Marshmallow frosting it was dense but tasty.
But it wasn’t what I was hoping for.

These tended to get stale very quickly, even though tightly stored. The marshmallow ‘frosting’ turned to rubber on the cuppy.
But I had fun because I got to use The New Torch my daughter gave me for Christmas. {They know what I like!}

My only problem was not being able to find graham flour. Not to be defeated I found a recipe to make my own.

    Graham Flour

      84 grams AP flour
      15 grams wheat bran
      2.5 grams wheat germ

    This mix gave me enough (+ a little) to make 1/2 of the total recipe.

    This was Mary Ann’s pick for February.
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