I am a Brat. Military Brat that is. My Dad was Air Force and we traveled from Base to Base from the time I was 3 through my Senior year of High School. Most of my memories are of the places we lived and visited while stationed in England (1958 – 1962) and Germany (1965 – 1968) Oh, sure I remember the places in between but these two places stand out the most.

So, Germany first.

We were stationed in Stuttgart which is just above the Schwabish Alps in the Southern region of Germany. It is a beautiful place. We lived ‘on the economy’ which means we did not live on base. Instead we lived in an apartment complex in Fasanenhof just outside of the city. On the 9th and then the 16th floor. It was great.

My mom would go every morning to the little store and buy bread for the day (try that not speaking German…) and other things instead of going to the Commissary on Base. Good Bread. Fresh Veggies. Fresh Everything. And we ate out quite a bit rather than just cook ‘American’. Lots of Wiener Schnitzle, Bratwurst, Rotwurst, {Gee Whiz! they make great sausage} Pommes Frites {French Fries} , Sauerbraten, Pretzels, did I mention the great sausage? and the Brotchen {breakfast roll, but good with anything} …etc. etc. etc. and on the side of many meals –



The RECIPE is courtesy of Richard Zucktriegel of Cafe Mozart

The Spaetlzle was delicious, but the making was a little problematic

    1. I used a metal colandar. As I was forcing the batter through the holes some of the batter was cooking on the colander. So I lost some of the batter. Wonder if I could use a plastic colander and would it do the same thing.

    2. Make sure the holes are actually BIG enough for the batter to easily (but not TOO easily) press through. My spaetzle was a little small.

    3. The recipe says to place a cup of batter in the colander at a time. That was WAY too much. I used 1/4 – 1/3 cup and it worked much better.

I am going to try this again. It is too good NOT to master somewhere along the way.