I am not good at meringue on pies. No matter how hard I try the meringue seperates from the sides of the pie dish and gets all gushy on the sides. And that is a shame because it is my Hubs favorite pie. How to tame the beast – make Lemon Meringue Cupcakes instead. Crust Cupcake. Lemon. Meringue. Perfect!! And no pie plate to show off my shortcomings.

These are basically a lemony cupcake topped with lemon curd (I used Martha’s recipe, but you could use your favorite) and ‘frosted’ with lemon meringue which is carefully browned with a torch. Just like, sorta, kinda, lemon meringue PIE!!


And then, to make it extra lemony, I scooped out part of the cup cake and filled the pocket with Lemon Curd.

VERY Delicious!!

‘Nuff said!!!

This weeks MSC pick was brought to you by – Megan of My Baking Adventures. And since we don’t publish the recipe (We WANT you to buy Martha’s Cupcake Book) you can find the recipe for these Cuppys -> HERE!!

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