There are some days when I simply cannot control myself. I go into a flurry of baking activity where I am not satisfied with only baking ONE thing – I have to bake lots of things. Such was the case a few days ago when a conversation ensued on Twitter about Chocolate Chip Cookies. Several of us got together – virtually – and made the New York Time’s Chocolate Chip Cookie.

As Nancy said,

    Last summer the New York Times made quite a stir in the baking world when it published an article about Chocolate Chip Cookies with an accompanying recipe. The claim was that these cookies, based on those of Jacques Torres, were no less than the best chocolate chip cookies ever.”

Thus started The Quest to find a good CCC.DSC04198

The NYT CCC was a good cakey cookie. But not the best, at least not for me.

Then one night I was watching re-runs of Alton Brown and he was doing The Cookie!!! (Now I cannot find the recipes on the site anymore)

I ended up making all Three Types – The Thin, The Puffy, The Chewy.

It was a Chocolate Chip Cookie Frenzy.

So here they are – with a recipe comparison.


For me The Chewy was the best. Halfway between The Puffy and The Thin.

But TH liked the Puffy best.


The Puffy!!

And BBJ liked all of them equally. He’s 19, he eats anything. And he ate The Thin before I managed to get a picture.

No matter which one you use you will get plenty of cookies out of each batch and they are all “Good Eats”.