or, Pasta Puttanesca.

So… Why did I call it Noodles for Loose Women?….story goes it was made by prostitutes in Italy. It was easy and quick to make between ‘dates’ so to speak.

And they are right, it is very easy to pull together.

I actually had MOST of the ingredients for this one (unusual for me). Olives. Diced tomatoes. Garlic. Fresh Parsley. I did not have two of them – anchovey paste and arugala. I subbed out Baby Spinach for the Arugala, but Could. Not. Find. Anchovey Paste ANYWHERE!!

So I made my own.

    Anchovey Paste

      – 18 fresh anchovy fillets
      – 4 Tbsp olive oil
      – 1 Tbsp wine vinegar
      – 1 clove garlic
      – Pepper

    First, blend the anchovies in a food processor or blender. Peel and crush the garlic, then mix with the vinegar and pepper.
    Next, stir in the oil little by little while whisking the mixture, just like you were making mayonnaise. When the mixture is blended, add the anchovies. (Recipe from Easy Appetizer Recipes)

I was only making 1/4 of the total Ellie recipe, so I made 1/2 of the anchovey paste recipe. (Plus the fact that the tin of anchovies had only 12 fillets and I needed 18).

Have to say it was an interesting dish. I don’t think I will make it again. The Guys didn’t care for it, and it wasn’t a fave for me either. But it was fun to try.

Thanks to Jen of What’s Jen Cooking for this weeks choice. You can find the recipe HERE.

And sorry it is so late. Just found time today to make, sooooo

Here is an extra (I am trying to catch up with some I wanted to make but couldn’t find the ingredients.)

    Dark Chocolate Mousse (Finally found silken tofu)

    While this might look like a regular chocolate pudding, it isn’t. It is made with Tofu.

    I had only had Tofu once before. At a Japanese restaurant in London. In a soup. I didn’t like. At all. So I had reservations about making pudding with it.

    Glad I did. It was pretty tasty.

      “What is it?”
      “What does it look like?”
      “That’s what it is?”
      “Why are you standing there waiting for me to taste it?”
      “Just TASTE it!”
      “Different Texture? What is it?”
      “Not bad. Needs to be sweeter.

    And thus ends another taste test. These happen a lot these days. Sometimes they aren’t this positive.

    But how can you go wrong with Chocolate.Tofu. Chocolate. Whipped Cream. Brandy. That last ingredient was a surprise and almost got left out – UNTIL – I remembered I DID have some.

    Aren’t they cute?? I stole eh, found them in my Mom’s pantry covered with dust. Souvenier from a past trip. 50 ml each. The brandy did add an extra punch of flavor. Thanks to LauraLop of Edible Ventures for this pick back in February.