Back in 2008 I began to participate in The Daring Bakers. In September of that year they made Peter Reinhart’s Lavash. I didn’t get to make it then. And at the time I didn’t know I would join a baking group working their way through his book – > The Breadbaker’s Apprentice. Now, here it is 18 months later and the Lavash is in the rotation for the Slow and Steady group of BBA. So, while it seemed so difficult to make then, it doesn’t seem so now since we have done so much work with yeast and have made so many different breads.

Unlike other breads we have made, this one is supposed to be rolled very thin – it is a cracker after all. Actually, it is an Armenian Cracker and, according to PR, becoming more popular all the time. This was the hardest part – paper thin is not easy to do. You can see where some of my sheet puffed. BTW you can also use this for a pita bread – which is supposed to puff.

There were several toppings we could use for the crackers – poppy, sesame, caraway seeds. Kosher salt. So I did. I also used some Italian seasoning (NOT a good choice) on part of the sheet. But the pieces with just salt were the best.

I’m not sure if I would ever make these again, but it was a fun experience.

If you want try these the recipe is HERE.