I grew up eating Hostess Cup Cakes. The Chocolate ones with the cream filling. I KNOW!! They are so bad for you. But then MOST tasty goodies are. (I also loved, and still do, Twinkies. I don’t care that they may outlast humanity with their preservatives.) But this month I learned (drum roll please) to make my own chocolate, cream filled cuppys. YAY!!! I was so excited when I saw this month’s cupcake.

    Jumbo Cream Filled Chocolate Cup Cakes


Basically what we have is a chocolate cup cake. Then you fill it with a buttercream/marshmellow fluff. Martha suggested removing the bottom of the cuppy, scooping out some of the cake, filling the opeing with fluff, and putting the bottom back on. That seemed like A LOT of work. I figured there had to be an easier way. There was. I tried a couple of alternatives.

FIRST I put some batter in the cup, plopped in some fluff, and then some more batter. I Thought that would work. NAH!!!

As the cuppys baked the fluff baked OUT! So that didn’t work.

What DID work was baking the cupcake, filling a decorator tube with fluff and pumping it into the cuppy from the bottom. THAT worked GREAT!!!

Martha didn’t frost her cuppys. On top was merely a squiggle of the marshmallow filling. NOT ENUFF!! I made her chocolate ganache {AGAIN} and dipped the cuppys and THEN put on the squiggle. ENUFF!!! Loved them. But then – it’s chocolate, with ganache – and filling – what’s NOT to love. Thy them!! Now if I could just make homemade Twinkies!!!

Please amble on over to and see the other bakers’ take on these cuppys. You’ll be glad you did!! And thanks to Jess of Cook Book Habit for choosing this month’s Cupcake Pick. It was a good one.

    BTW if you are a member and you are baking next month’s yummy cuppys (won’t say what they are) and you are tempted to use your silicone holders because of all the ‘liquid’ in them. DON’T!!! They are incredibly hard to remove BECAUSE of all the liquid. Just thought you should know.