Biscuits and jelly.
    Hot Buttered Biscuits.
    Chicken and Biscuits.
    Toasted leftover Biscuits with syrup or honey.

It doesn’t matter what it is, if it has a biscuit with it, it is gonna be good!!!!

And there is NOTHING BETTER than a basket of biscuits with a meal. Or, just a basket of biscuits, Period.

If you live in the South, it is an absolute necessity that you know how to turn out a good biscuit. There are SO many recipes out there for biscuits. I have tried several over the many years I have been cooking. Some work, some don’t. I have had many biscuits turn out flat as a fritter.

Fortunately that is the way My Hubs likes them, but I like big, fluffy biscuits. Unfortunately, I did not have good luck with these biscuits.

I made them Sunday night – well 1/2 a recipe (which gave me 4 and a lump!) – and they were FLAT. No pic, didn’t have my camera. Just take my word for it – FLAT!!!

I tried them again on Monday night – a full recipe (11-2″ biscuits and 4-2.5″ biscuits) – added an additional 1/2 Tbl of baking powder hoping that would raise them a little. It did. But not much. Good thing they taste VERY good.

We enjoyed them with country pepper gravy and with some butter and Purple Hull Jelly. I just wish they had been puffier. Ah, well. I’ll try them again and maybe use White Lily flour. It is great for biscuits. I will conquer THE BISCUIT. I HAVE to. I’m a Southern Girl.

We made Sweet Cream Biscuits for TWD because that was the recipe chosen by Melissa at Love at First Bite. You can find the recipe on her blog, or you COULD just buy Dorie’s Book: Baking From My Home to Yours.