AB told me NOT to stir. Ina told me NOT to stir. Dorie told me NOT to stir. So. I stirred. I was never one to listen. I should have. Why?? Because this is how my first batch of caramel looked after 8 minutes:

Not pretty is it. Sugar lick!! Crystalized Napalm on a plate!!

2nd Batch: I DID not stir. It was moving toward crystalization. I swirled. I brushed. I swirled. I brushed. Was that a little amber color I started to see. YES!! {fist pump} After 14 minutes of careful watching, swirling and NO STIRRING I finally got the caramel Dorie wanted for us for

    Burnt Sugar Ice Cream


Next step – add the milk cream mixture. As Dorie promised, the mixture bubbled. The mixture seethed. It was wild. And I ended up with a big glob of caramel in the middle of a pot of milk. {sheesh!!}

But I carried on. I stirred, stirred, stirred, and eventually I WAS rewarded by a beautiful bowl of amber colored custard. PERFECT!! I should have known I could count on Dorie!!

Let it chill for about 5 hours. Pulled the canister from the freezer and the gel wasn’t frozen. Good thing I had another. It ran, and ran, and ran, and ….. then stopped running. Hour later tried again. Ran, ran, ran….. and the custard NEVER froze. Well, a little, but not much. Threw it into a bowl and into the freezer. And in the end, it came out alright.

I tried to find ways to dress it up a little….

….with chocolate shavings.

    …with chocolate ganache.

    But in the end it was good all by itself.

    Thanks to Becky of Project Domestication for a nice uncomplicated tasty treat this week with TWD!