By now you all know that Sunday was Mother’s Day. DUH!! I knew I had to have a special dessert. We were going to have two, no wait, three, oh, now – FOUR Moms at the Sunday Celebration. (We actually ended up with 5 Moms including the MIL and SIL.)

The only dessert that would do was Dorie’s

    Quick Classic Berry Tart

And Dorie was right about it being quick. Tart crust. Pastry Cream. Fruit. It couldn’t be easier.

    I used the un-nutted tart dough.
    I added about 1/2 Tbl of Almond Liqueur(Just enough to taste it ‘under’ the tart..
    I used Blueberries, Strawberries, and Blackberries.
    I glazed with Purple Hull Pea Jelly.
    It was a big hit with everyone.
    It’s all gone. **SIGH**

This was really good. I would like to make some minis next time and have some left to freeze. I still have some pastry cream left so that is still a possibility.

I didn’t have any trouble except when I was trying to whip the pastry cream up for use. It was a little clumpy, but it didn’t affect the taste.

The glaze was a great addition. My berries were a little tart and the glaze added just a touch of sweetness before biting into the crust and pastry cream.

Thanks, Christine. This was a perfect pick for Mom’s Day.

Four Generations.

Hope all the TWD Moms had a great day!!!