I love making bread. I love feel of the dough. I love to watch the dough rise. I love the interaction of the yeast with different ingredients. I just love bread, period. And I love finding new ways to make bread. Thanks to Di and Kayte I found a new way this week.



Every once in a while several Twitter Buddies get together and bake/cook something. We’ve made bread, sides, desserts. This was the latest one.They were baking for Mellow Bakers, but I just joined in. Happens like that.

These were so super easy to make and bake. The recipe, which you can find HERE calls for Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese but I didn’t have any so I used a Parmigiano-Asagio-Romano cheese mix. It was perfect. Some of the cheese goes into the dough and some is left to roll the bread sticks in before baking.

And if you don’t want to make just bread sticks, you can make bread twists…

    …which was Di’s Idea.

Biting into one warm from the oven makes you think of that little Trattoria on a obscure little street in Florence. Makes you think of red checked table cloths. And candles in old Chianti wine bottles. YES!! They are that good.

Thumbs up from The Guys.

Make them! You will be very glad you did.