Wednesday morning I had pancakes for Breakfast. That doesn’t seem like a profound statement, but Pancakes are usually as Sunday Morning Brunch at our house. Or maybe waffles. To eat Pancakes in the Middle of the Week is just, well, unusual. But since our weekly ‘assignment’ was breakfast I forced myself to suffer on Wednesday. It’s a tough job, but golly, somebody has to do it….

So what did I have to suffer through for the sake of experimentation??

    Whole Wheat Apple Pancakes with Nutty Topping

This is just a simple whole wheat pancake but it is studded with softened apples. The apples add a touch of texture and sweetness. Ellie suggested something like a Golden Delicious, but all I had was Red Delicious. Pour batter. Add apple pieces. Flip pancake. Finish cooking. Done!! Tasty!! But not really finished. Ellie then adds a maple syrup, mixed nut topping. She called for pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds, as well as sliced almonds. I subbed pine nuts for the pumpkin seeds and left out the sesame.

Nuts and apples. Great combo. Unfortunately I just didn’t care for the pancakes this way. So I changed it. Change is good.

Pour batter.

Sprinkle apples.

Sprinkle nutty mixture.

Cook. Flip. Plate. Drizzle maple syrup over the whole shebang. BETTER!!!

I will probably be the only one to eat these. The Guys are purists and like just plain ol’ pancakes. That’s okay. I can add apple and nuts to any pancake and enjoy.

These pancakes were chosen by Nicole of Dishin’. You can find the recipe HERE or in Ellie’s book, So Easy.