I found the perfect way to mess up my kitchen and use almost every skillet I own – Enchiladas. And not just any Enchilada – Stacked Enchiladas.

    Our hosts this month, Barbara of Barbara Bakes and Bunnee of Anna+Food have chosen a delicious Stacked Green Chile & Grilled Chicken Enchilada recipe in celebration of Cinco de Mayo! The recipe, featuring a homemade enchilada sauce was found on http://www.finecooking.com and written by Robb Walsh.

There was only one real requirment – we had to make our own enchilada sauce. Okay, I can do that. That was it, that was all. Everything else was basically optional. Barbara suggersted a green sauce made with Tomatillas, but I am not a fan so I made a red enchilada sauce instead. And I created my own, which I am beginning to do more and more as I learn to cook and create.

    ~Enchilada Sauce.~
    3 Tbl oil
    1 small onion, diced
    3/4 cloves garlic, diced
    1 heaping tsp ground cumin
    1 heaping tsp red chili powder
    2 tsp dried oregano or 1 fresh (large) leaf oregano
    Salt/pepper to taste
    1.5 – 2 cups tomato sauce

    Saute onion, garlic, and spices in oil until onions and garlic are tender. (I have discovered if you include the spices while sauteeing, the flavor is enhanced.)

    Add tomato sauce and simmer covered 20 – 25 minutes.

This was the first time I have made enchiladas with home made ~


1 cup Masa ( I used Maseca)
2/3 cup water
Pinch salt

Mix ingredients well. Divide into 8 equal balls. Cover with damp cloth to keep dough moist. Flatten using a tortilla press or by hand. Cook tortillas on a hot griddle for about 50 seconds. Flip and cook another 50 seconds. Cover with a cloth to keep soft and warm.

I made some with shredded chicken (rubbed with chili powder, poached, and then mixed with some of the sauce) and some with just cheese. Garnished with black olives.

How do you put them together?? Very easily.

    Sauce on plate.
    Tortilla (fried to soften and then dipped in sauce) on sauce.
    Chicken (and olives) on tortilla.
    Cheese on Chicken (or just cheese).

So this is supper tonight. (Already made, so easy Friday…) But we did sample a little one I made. We both think they are good. Not bad for my own sauce (based on about 6 different recipes).

Think I’ll make them again – soon.

After I clean up the mess from these……

Thanks Barbara and Bunnee for a fun challenge.

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