I needed good stale bread for this week’s TWD (can’t tell you yet….) so this week I decided to kill two birds with one oven. BBA and TWD became linked for me this week. When I started with the Slow and Steady BBA I was about 5 or 6 breads behind. I had caught up except for one bread –


While this one called for more fermentation than previous challah I have made, it was easy to make and came out beautifully. The dough was soft and pliable. I love making challah because it is a braided bread. And braiding is fun.

PR’s bread requires two rises before it is braided. So three rises altogether. The last rise is 60 – 70 minutes, but mine was left for about 3 hours because we took an afternoon for fun and traveled the roads for a while. But it didn’t harm the bread at all.

I made one braid and one round boule.

It’s such a beautiful bread I hate to stale some on purpose, but I need it. The boule should be enough, so the rest will go in the freezer for a later time – maybe….

If you visit the other members of the Slow and Steady group you will find they made this bread back in July 2009.

Tuesday you will find out what we were using stale bread for. Are you excited yet??