Short and Sweet. Today is a day when Two blog posts are required. One for TWD (just below) and one for MSC (Martha Stewart Cupcake Club) This is going to be a short post for two reasons.

    My frosting failed.
    They were devoured before I had a chance to take some really good pictures of some really good cup cakes.

    Strawberry Cup Cakes

These cuppys used plenty of fresh strawberries both in the cake and in the frosting. And since this is Strawberry Season in Louisiana, that was not hard to accomplish. The fresh strawberries kept the cuppys moist and flavorful. They were just as good ‘nekkid’ as they were frosted.

As for my frosting fail: it started out just fine. Everything went together quite well, except I think I put too much strawberry puree in the mix. It had wonderful flavor but it looked like curdled pink eggs on top. (Thus the single small picture.)

These excellent cuppys, which will be a repeat in this kitchen, were chosen by Sherry of Sherry Starts Cooking. Because of the MSC rules we don’t post the recipe but you can find it on Martha’s Site.