In case you hadn’t noticed – I love making bread. Ever since I discovered how easy it can be I have made more bread (34 so far) and more different breads in the last year than I had in my entire life (which is quite a long time). I did my first BBD (#30) with Natashya last month. (And plan on doing it again this month).

I joined up with the Slow and Steady BBA group a few months ago and with them I have made some unusual breads.

But this is the first time I had made bread, yeast bread, with TWD.

    Raisin Swirl Bread

Unlike all the breads I have made until now, this one uses plain or AP flour. I had pulled out the Bread Flour while reading the introduction to the bread and was surprised when it listed the plain instead. It came together easily (altho, as Dorie said, it is way to soft to knead) and rose beautifully.

So this morning I sliced it. Beautiful swirl. More of a quick bread type of crumb and texture. It was pretty good, but… I wish I had added more cinnamon (even though I had added more originally). The cinnamon was vaguely there. Mike added cinnamon to the top and that would have been IS a great idea.

The Slow and Steady BBA bakers made Cinnamon Swirl Bread last September and I have to admit, I liked it better. It just seemed to have more, eh, more… well, I just liked it more.

BTW, I really don’t like raisin bread, so I only put raisins on half of the dough. The Guys will eat that half and I will enjoy the other.

If I make this again, or the other bread, I will definitely increase the cinnamon. Dorie also suggests adding nutmeg and unsweetened cocoa. Wish I had. They really would have ramped up the flavor. Ah, well…..

The other TWD Bakers made this bread, too, but then you probably already knew that, so go drool over their breads. And many thanks to Susan of Food.Baby for this weeks pick.