My name is TeaLady and I am a Breadaholic.

Guess there could be worse things to be addicted to. I could be a candyholic, or a cokaholic, or a twitterhol…. oh, wait, I am. But anyway I do love Bread. And that is unfortunate. Not because Bread is bad, but because it is sooo good. And baking your own is the BEST!! And as a member of the Slow and Steady BBA I am baking more, learning more (and eating more) bread than I would have thought possible.

Those of you who visit here know that several of us are baking our way SLOWLY through Peter Reinhart’s Bread Bakers Apprentice (There is also another group doing the same, but we are MUCH slower.) alphabetically from Anadama to Pugliese to Whole Wheat.

At the moment we are baking

    Pain de Campagne

Pain de Campagne is a wonderfully chewy bread that is can be shaped into beautiful forms such as the dinner roll above or a Fendu (split loaf), Couronne (Crown), or the Epi (Sheaf of Wheat)

The Epi was so much fun to shape. Simply make a baguette and snip your way down the dough. As you snip, you turn each piece to alternate sides so that it forms a sheaf of wheat.

If you want to see how this is done there is a really good picture tutorial on Bread 101

but you can also make just (and I use that term loosely) Baguette.

It doesn’t matter what shape you use, it is excellent bread. Chewy texture, perfect for dipping or sopping up the Crawfish Monica Cream Sauce, or you could just eat it plain.

Kayte’s pain is up and the others ( Nancy, Cathy, Audrey, Jessica, Melissa, Sarah, Di, Karen, Natalia, Tracey, and Leslie.) have made this bread, but not posted yet. Look for them. They all make beautiful breads.