Fresh is Best. That is true of most anything (except that young boy I dated when I was 16). Fresh air. Fresh vegetables. Fresh water. Fresh herbs. Fresh ideas. There is nothing better. Nothing. Except when you mix a number of fresh items together. As in this Pesto Potato Salad from Ellie’s The Food You Crave.

    Fresh potatoes.
    Fresh basil.
    Fresh bell peppers.
    Four simple ingredients.
    Four fresh ingredients

I was fortunate to have a fresh Red Bell Pepper from the garden (in fact the only one) to add to this potato salad. I had wanted to make my own Pesto, but unfortunately my basil plant went to that great Herb Garden in the sky so I had to use ‘store-bought’ which Ellie says is okay. It was a good pesto.

I liked this. I made 1/3 recipe which was enough for two servings. Two servings for me as I am the only one who really likes pesto. One change I would make. I think tossing the potatoes with the pesto while the potatoes are still quite warm would incorporate the flavors more.

The potatoes were steamed first rather than boiled. I don’t have a steamer, so I communed with my inner AB and made one.

Worked out quite nicely.

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{By the way. The top photo was taken last night way after dark. No touch up was done in any way. But it was photographed under some new lights we found – Day light by Bright Effects. They are WONDERFUL because they do not emit the usual yellow light. If you are having trouble with photographing food in the winter, this just might be the solution to the problem. Just thought I would pass that along.}