Warning!! Warning!!
    Unless you have six consecutive days with some free time don’t start on this bread.

No, seriously. It takes 6 days to make this special bread. Four days for the Seed Culture. One day for the Barm. One day for the Bread itself. Six Days!!!

The first day simply is mixing the beginning ingredients of the Seed Culture – flour and pineapple juice. Day 2 sees the addition of more flour and juice. On Day 3 1/2 of the culture is discarded and replaced with additional flour and water. Ditto on Day 4. And voila! You have a Seed Culture!!Onthe 5th day we created BARM!! Mix part of the Seed Culture with additional flour and water and let sit overnight and then in the Fridge. This was the perfect time to use Herman. What is Herman? Herman is my Sour Dough container. My Mom had it for years. Isn’t he cute? Just the perfect container for fermentation.

And that took care of the 5th day and making the BARM!! BAM!!


Well, you have to have Barm to make


Panettone is a traditional Italian Christmas bread. (Look! It IS Christmas in July!!). Although it usually contains candied Fruit I chose (with PR’s recommendation) to use dried fruit.

This provided the perfect combination along with some dried Pineapple.

Often the Panettone has a sugar or glaze. I think that would improve this. I made one regular size and 9 small ones. The small ones are really good toasted. I am saving the big one for Christmas.

Slowly but Surely the other members of the Slow and Steady BBA Group will make the Panettone.

Kayte’s Panettone is up and the others Nancy, Cathy, Audrey, Jessica, Melissa, Sarah, Di, Karen, Natalia, Tracey, and Leslie will be making this bread and posting.

Lucky for me this months BBD Theme is Italian bread. This is perfect. Bread Baking Day this month is hosted by Family and Food Things. There will be many, many beautiful breads there after August 1st so be sure and visit.