Healthy. Seasonal. Tasty. That is what this dish, chosen by Danica of Danica’s Daily, is all about. Fresh tomatoes. Fresh Onions. Fresh Corn. Fresh herbs. And healthy with the chicken breast.

And it was good. Well, mostly. Those of you who come here often (and I thank you much for that) know that I don’t like raw tomatoes. Everything else with tomatoes is good. Raw – not so much. But here they weren’t completely raw, so I tried them. Okay. But no. Still too raw for me. But I liked the warm corn/onion/garlic mix they came with. THAT part I will fix again. BTW this is supposed to also have avacados with the chicken and salad. Sorry, not here. Not a fan!! I know – picky, picky, picky!!

Thanks, Danica. This was a good summer choice (despite the maters).

You can find the recipe on Danica’s Site, or on Ellie’s site or in Ellie’s book – So Easy – on page 144.