There is just something about Ellie’s recipes that make them super easy and very adaptable. Is it the ingredients? Well, yeah, but it’s not so much what they are but how you can so easily change them to fit your own tastes.

    Shrimp fra diavlo with Spinach

There are really only 4 REAL ingredients – shrimp, fresh spinach, tomatoes, and pasta. There are, of course, basic flavor additives – oregano, pepper flakes, white wine, etc. Even though Ellie gives measurements if you decrease or increase one or two of any ingredients it still comes out perfectly. I left out the pepper flakes, added a little extra water when the sauce got a little too thick, and decreased the onion by just a smidgeon. It still came out perfectly. Perfectly delicious.

While Ellie adds the pasta to the sauce and tosses it I chose to simply serve it OVER the pasta. Just as good.

This week Jennifer of The Rookie Baker chose this wonderful pasta dish for us the ‘share’. Thanks, Jennifer, it was a great dish.

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