Instant Sandwich Bread. Sounds like something that would include instructions like, “Just add water!” Folks, it IS almost that easy. Really!!

    Instant Sandwich Bread

Using Malgieri’s idea of working the bread as little as possible you can have a sheet of sandwich breads in less than 2 hours. Honest!! The bread has one real good rise on the jelly roll pan.


Fill with your favorite sandwich toppings and you are good to go.

Recipe says to cut into 12 4″ squares for sandwiches, but you could make them bigger or smaller. And if you like grilled sandwiches, just turn the slices upside down. And TOASTED!! Perfect!!!

The dough for this bread is VERY wet. I figured that one out when Nick said to scrape the dough onto a floured surface from the processor (extra easy!!). Usually scrape is not attached to bread dough. But once on the pan it is simple to complete.

This is definitely my alternative when we are tired of the sandwich rolls I usually make.

If you want to try this bread you can visit ACCRO for the recipe.

I see so many varieties with this one – adding cheese, adding Italian seasoning, adding –well, I don’t want to give away ALL my idea…..!!!!

If you want to join in baking through Nick Malgiere’s The Modern Bakerjust go talk to Phyl. He is Divine (ahem!!) about adding new bakers.