We haven’t baked cookies for TWD for awhile. And simple cookies at that. It was a welcome change.

    Espresso Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

Seven simple ingredients mixed to bring you a delightfully buttery little cookie. There was supposed to be expresso in the cookie, but I am not an expresso fan. And even though I now have a large outlet for my baked goodies I chose to just leave the espresso out and make just 1/2 of the recipe. That gave me 21 delightful little 2″ round cookies. I used chocolate chips because that is what I had and they came out just fine. The chocolate chips did make the cookies a little harder to cut with the round cutter, but not too much.

Some of the bakers expressed some difficulty lifting the ziploc off the dough to remove the wrinkles. I found it easier to just press the wrinkles out.

I wonder how these would have been if I had added a touch of cocoa to the mix. One of the variations was spiced oatmeal and that sounds tasty. Maybe made with Masala Chai replaicing the espresso. But they were also good without anything. Just buttery goodness. And they stack up nicely….. {sorry, couldn’t resist!!!} to any butter cookie I have ever tasted.

Thanks, Donna (of Life’s too short not to eat dessert first )for choosing the cookies. They were awfully tasty. These are going to be made often.

I know how creative the othr TWD Bakers can be, so go visit their posts and see what they did with this delicious little cookie.