I have never made whoopie pies. I have eaten whoopie pies. Lots as a kid. Never really thought of making my own, until Bread of the Month presented this one for our October baking.

    Whoopie!!! Pie

The big cookies used for this ‘pie’ have lots of fall flavor with the nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. I will definitely make these often – just as cookies. With the cookie recipe there is also a filling recipe. It is a simple butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar mix. I could not get it to work. 2 minutes after I put the pies together the top slipped off and the filling sort of dribbled out.

The recipe called for 2 cups of sugar. I used 3 and it was still rather runny. I think adding some more cream cheese will fix it, but meanwhile I used some left over buttercream/cream cheese frosting and that worked out beautifully. They reminded me of the little oatmeal pies we put in the freezer for quick snacks.

The cookies are rather large – 1/4 cup of mix {I used my #16 dasher.} results in a 3 – 4″ cookie. Not that size is a problem when they are so spicy good.

The recipe comes from King Arthur Flour. And if you want to see other results you can visit the Bread of the Month FB page. Maybe join in next month. Always a surprise waiting for us.